11 October, 2012


 I'm very glad to announce a new photo project and in nearest time also a magazine TR.I.P. Project TR.I.P. was conceived about two years ago. During this time, our team traveled, collecting materials, developed the concept and design. And today we are pleased to introduce you our project online. Regularly we will add a new galleries,new places and new countries. Stay in touch and join us also on facebook. Welcome!


25 March, 2012

Finally i finished my new project.Please all welcome!


03 November, 2011

Find your blue balloon and it will bring you to a sky

Today I want to dedicate my post for one very special person to me.
I wish you to find who you are, realize what you want, decide what you do and all the doors will be open easily for you. Happy Birthday!

02 November, 2011

Bad times

Bad times its when every day you keep waiting something bright gonna happen. Every day you searching around, looking at people faces, listening to the sounds with a hope that exactly today you will find some sign, which shows a right way to be. After some weeks of expectation you begin to blame yourself that you missed this something which you waited for so long. You trying to be alone as much as possible, just for not seeing that somebody dare to be happy, when u feel so lost. Sometimes you feel ashamed because of unfounded reason to feel so bad, but this only stirs up your anger more.You slowly disappearing.And when it becomes absolutely unbearable- everything the same suddenly starting to be brighter.   


Some of old works.

01 November, 2011

Sunny side

Green summer days, too beautiful to believe, too hot to realize, too short to be truth.

31 October, 2011

On the roof

 My first post.I should maybe write something,but have no idea what... Just can say "Hello and Welcome" to everybody who maybe ever will read my blog.